Friday, 3 November 2017

Making Piklets

From this to this.

Today was Miss Uden's last day. She kindly made piklets with us so that we could use the butter that we made at Howick Historical village. They smelt and tasted delicious!

Making Minion Mats

We made Minion Mats. In the olden days they made floor rugs. It was a challenging activity tying all those knots using strips of cotton material with Minion characters on them. We tied them onto garden matting. Well done Room 24 for persevering until the job was done!


3D shapes


Miss Uden gave us match sticks and plasticine to make a 3D shape. The plasticine was very tricky to work with.

Howick Historical Village

Using the Butter Churn
Finally we have butter
Rinsing the butter

Unpacking the trunk - James 
Caleb with a small axe
Max with a Chamber pot
Horse and carriage
The school room - standing tall
Reciting the alphabet
Writing on a slate - Caleb and Usher
Ben and Peter
Isaac and Emily
Aston spelling words
Wash day - washboard, sunlight soap and tin bath
An old copper to wash in 
Old fashion irons

We had a wonderful trip learning about old fashion Technology. It was very hands on and a unique place to learn about the past so that we can appreciate the present.

Thursday, 19 October 2017


Diwali began with Mrs Dijkstra reading us a story and then Mrs Nagpal called us up to add coloured rice to the Rangoli design sketched on the table. When finished it looked amazing with the Diva light resting in the middle.
Meanwhile Miss Uden worked with groups of children using DAS modelling clay to make a Diva lamp. They are drying and we will paint them tomorrow.
We also coloured Rangoli patterns and mounted them on contrasting coloured card.
It was a special and different day and we really appreciated Mrs Nagpal visiting our room to help us experience Diwali.

Kelly Sport

 On such a gorgeous day we went out onto the field with Room 22 to trial a range of activities supplied and supervised by Kelly Sport. It was so much fun. We tried to throw a ball at the wickets, kick a soccer ball, jump over hurdles and more. We each got a sticker and a pamphlet.

Friday, 8 September 2017

Literacy Week - Part 3

Thanks to the Grandparents of Isaac, Amelia, Alexandra and parents of Aayush and Charlotte, that came to the classroom and read to the children. It was a special time.

                                                                  Jade and Sonia

                                      The Book Character Parade held in the hall this morning.
                                                     Charlotte and Aayush
                                                              Jess and Alexandra